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About BigBull Metaverse

The market has grown really quickly. Invest in cryptocurrencies because they allow users to instantly access money, make purchases, conduct trades, and enjoy many other benefits. The Bigbull Metaverse is where the Internet will go in the future. Meeting up with friends and going to meetings at the office might provide you real-world experience in the metaverse as you work on a task. With the use of blockchain technology, we operate a global network that streamlines and transparentizes your transactions.

What is metaverse

A permanent online 3D universe that combines numerous virtual locations is referred to as the “metaverse.” Think of it as the internet in the future. The metaverse will enable users to work together, interact, socialise, and play in these 3D environments. The metaverse will run on augmented reality, with each user managing an avatar or character. For instance, you could use an Oculus VR headset to host a mixed reality conference in your virtual office, finish your job and unwind in a game based on the blockchain, and then manage your cryptocurrency portfolio and finances all within the metaverse.

What is NFT

The same kind of programming used to produce cryptocurrencies is also used to construct non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A distinct digital item is represented by each NFT data point. This can apply to creative activity in the fields of audio, art, film, video games, and other media. It may only make use of things that may be downloaded or bought online and sold here. Copies of the original file in this system are accessible to everybody, not only the token’s owner. Every token is unique. NFT is a particular kind of token that works with block chain technology. You can convert any digital work you’ve done into NFT and sell it to anyone.

What is Blockchain

A blockchain is made up of several documents, or blocks, that are linked by encryption. A portion of the data from the block preceding it is included in each block. We can use blockchain to safely store data on a networked platform that anybody can access but cannot alter. The modernity of the blockchain allows any client, anywhere in the world, to witness another client’s activity. This ensures that no client can change or delete any Transaction without the knowledge of other clients and that all offers on the entry are completely transparent.

What is Crypto Wallet

The blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallet is nothing more than a kind of value. However, the most important thing to understand right now is that a blockchain is a type of digital ledger that records transactions. It keeps your cryptocurrency as well. Private keys are associated with your blockchain address and give you control over it, allowing you to spend or exchange the value stored there as you see fit. For obvious reasons, it must be kept private and never disclosed to anyone.

What is Blockchain gaming

Blockchain gaming employs the same technology that underpins virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to control real-world objects. Simply put, blockchain makes it possible for everyone with direct access to it to influence and integrate initiatives, programmes, and currencies. In the case of blockchain games, it means that anyone can also own a tiny portion of the game. Naturally, this has its own set of challenges. More than just assets and programming are required to create a game; you also need ambition. If no one is paying attention to the gameplay, game mechanics, and plot, the results could be unsatisfactory. Theoretically being able to possess NFTs while playing the game is another advantage of blockchain technology.


Our Vision

The group is making a lot of effort to get other investors to contribute to building the bridge that connects the worlds. It’s a blockchain revolution with an innovative e-commerce solution. It is crucial to offer a trustworthy platform in this terrible age of decreasing trust and deception. Let’s advance and employ traceable payment to increase industry security. We have a full-proof plan in place to fix the present difficulties in addition to our intention to build a robust, transparent, and encrypted ledger system that is impossible to read. A digital economy miracle, blockchain technology has the potential to affect every sector of business and industry. Blockchain has already shown itself to be the most promising technology, with the ability to revolutionise a variety of industries, including e-commerce and business-to-consumer (B2C) interactions. The most well-known project in the region aims to transform business through the use of blockchain technology. There is no denying that technology and modern society make a winning mix. The way we trade also depends on this unified force: It is cost-effective, rapid, and decentralised to a considerable extent. It is also safe, secure, and simple for modern technology.


Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. We think the blockchain is the most significant invention of our time, possibly second only to the internet. And like the Internet, blockchain has the ability to provide people the tools they need to improve the world. All of us have the ability to generate new opportunities and autonomous, more egalitarian ecosystems thanks to cryptocurrencies. By identifying innovative and appealing strategies for boosting mass acceptance and bringing non-crypto users on board, we hope to further this future.

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Token Allocation

An insight into how the circulation of supply will be over time.
Founder $ Promoter 0xb4b1d3d5f131be2cdaadec3d10a66d45842065e7
Private Sale 0x164398995f466983ac9fe507b5c7826df91965e7
Public Sale 0xbd2d43dc12eb157d9d548a54fb739d59043265e7
Market Development 0xb928b135d06a2b0c1f382c6b75467be8179f65e7
Legal 0xe44332fbc1146fda573a39bafa5518f2c10365e7
Miscellaneous 0x07eaf09c7fb4f2b42620bdf3ab03549462c965e7
Airdrop 0x068bf0711009520439fab667e923710dc5181d17

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Q4 2022
Concept Design
Q1 2023
private sale
Q2 2023
public sale
Q3 2023
public exchange listing
Q4 2023
Q1 2024
coinmarketcap and trust wallet listing
Q2 2024
metaverse development
Q3 2024
metaverse promotion
Q4 2024
metaverse live
Q1 2025
blockchain game
Q2 2025
blockchain live

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